Strategy and Consulting

Corporate goals have to be well-defined to be achieved. We translate strategies into effective communication.

In times of constant change, organizations increasingly face big challenges when providing guidance to their stakeholders. Decision-makers need to internalize the strategic goals they want to pursue and then decide how to communicate them. Successful organizations see communication as necessary to achieving their defined goals with a minimum of conflict and use of resources.

At WeichertMehner, we advise you on how to improve your organizational structures, increase market share, engage employees, acquire competitors, and shape legal parameters. We develop committed relationships with your stakeholders that encourage approval for managing and implementing complex and ambitious projects. In a dynamically changing environment, more and more people assert their power to shape their future through options that have become available to them via modern communication.

Managing critical situations as they arise is crucial to an organization’s continued success and has a major impact on its reputation and future. With reliable information, seasoned expertise, and new perspectives, we develop communication strategies that convey and strengthen our clients’ positions. We specialize in open, consistent, and detailed communication that minimizes the public’s perceptions of potential conflict between an organization’s word and deed.

Digital Creativity and Social Media

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Strategy and Consulting

We provide orientation and are sparring partners for decision-makers. Read more

Dialogue and Participation

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Corporate Communications

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Big Data Analytics and Consulting

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CSR Communication

We make corporate responsibility for society and investors visible. Read more