Corporate Communications

More immediate, more agile, more digital – corporate communication has gained considerable speed over the years.

Communication with stakeholders takes place in real time and analytics measure the success of communication activities in seconds. Powerful processes, efficient content management and agile content production are more important than ever to keep both internal and external stakeholders informed with a consistent flow of up-to-the-minute communication.

At the same time, innovation and digitalization change daily work life. At WeichertMehner, we transform your corporate communication, drive digitalization of your processes and channels, and help you build effective newsroom workflow that efficiently manages communication and marketing tasks.

As your experienced partner, WeichertMehner provides powerful support for your communication planning, corporate identity development, brand and reputation management, press and media activities, and all change management decisions.

Big Data Analytics and Consulting

We bring Big Data and AI into corporate communications.

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Change and Consequence

We explain changes in the age of ongoing change.
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Dialogue and Participation

We identify conflicts of interest and develop suitable dialogue strategies.
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Issues and Reputation

We position organizations and create a positive perception for their topics.
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Digital Creativity and Social Media

We live digitally and create space for ideas with new methods.
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Crises and Prevention

We analyze risks, manage crises and minimize their consequences.
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