Crises and Prevention

Crisis communication is more than simply relaying information. We develop tailored communication strategies to address any crisis situation.

Crises and emergencies pose formidable challenges for organizations, and it is exceedingly rare to find corporations and executives sufficiently prepared for when they happen. This lack of preparation often inflicts damage to an organization’s reputation and trust. Crisis situations require custom-fit, sensitive, fast and process-oriented communication that is focused on the information needs of the intended audience. This is an effective way to protect the public reputation of an organization and minimize damage to its present and long-term reputation.

WeichertMehner possesses wide-ranging experience in intensive crisis communication as well as proactive identification of risks. We assist you quickly, discretely and with effective counsel. We partner with you to create strategies and concepts to effectively resolve crisis situations. We observe and analyze public perception and media reaction while crafting talking points and clear messages for proactive communication.

Early detection of potential risks can prevent a crisis and/or minimize the negative consequences for the organization. Our effective crisis prevention approach prepares our clients to face critical situations. Working together with our clients, we positively influence processes and shape them in your best interest.

Digital Creativity and Social Media

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