Digital Creativity and Social Media

Possibilities of digitization promote communication. We digitize processes, create digital worlds and use digital tools to further develop your communication and business models.

Digital transformation of business processes, including corporate communication, remains a challenge for companies and organizations. As the aspects of digitization evolve, “change” becomes a permanent condition. To actively shape this process of change, continuously developing new competencies is indispensable.

WeichertMehner employs forward-thinking strategists in digitization, who support your communication needs with a new consulting culture and new forms of communication to use the opportunities of digitization for the good of your company’s reputation. We partner with you. By understanding and reflecting on Gartner’s technology trends and interactions, we clearly and concisely analyze and explain the effects on markets, business models and communication.

With a process model for digital transformation, and a deep understanding of functions and interaction of digital tools, we lay the foundation for your digital corporate communication and the establishment and development of efficient internal work processes. These are the basis for the development of digital communication strategies and their distribution with and via digital media. Based on our high level of understanding of new digital technologies, we translate complicated contexts into comprehensive, target group-oriented communications, and explain how you can master digitization.

Digitization and
Business Models

The management often does not know what tomorrow will bring. New business models and new products and services can no longer be easily tested by using market research. Instead, the digital transformation takes place directly in the corporate and working world. However, every digital initiative launched to improve internal processes, to develop new products, or for stakeholder management, comes with promises that can become unreliable within a very short time. At WeichertMehner, we listen and develop communication strategies that focus on interactions, and that can be adapted dynamically to the trends and preferences of stakeholder groups, and for you to act credibly and consistently in an entrepreneurial manner.

Digital Corporate Communication

At WeichertMehner, we digitize your corporate communication with new approaches, methods and tools. We offer orientation and develop your individual “Corporate Communication Stack” which will fit ideally to your internal processes to reach stakeholders in the digital world. This ensures that the company communication and brand is consistent across all channels and platforms and measurable in terms of its impact as a driving force for reputation. In this way, WeichertMehner not only improves the quality of your corporate communication, we offer value in our communication and support of your entrepreneurial activity, which becomes apparent to outside decision-makers.

Social Media

Social media platforms are now an integral part of corporate communication for interest groups, customers, multipliers, political decision-makers and journalists to take part in spirited discussions. At WeichertMehner, we develop digital and social media strategies to maintain relationships and reputation in the digital world. Creative and informative content is, thereby, an important success factor for interaction and engagement. We follow the communication with your social media and learn how different stakeholders receive messages and ideas. Furthermore, we give support early on when critical situations arise on social media and before they turn into real crises that can threaten your social media reputation.

Digital Platforms

We do not confuse platforms with events. We consider platforms as the logical extension of possibilities of the analog world in digital space. In the age of network and platform economy, entrepreneurial activity is increasingly characterized by collaboration beyond company boundaries. We give support in selecting and developing appropriate platforms (onboarding) in international corporate transactions, innovation management, negotiations, online petitions and personnel management. Depending on your specific application, we develop digital content for communication with various stakeholder groups. For longer-term projects, for example, in innovation management, we moderate spatially distributed stakeholders in digital worlds with experienced on-domain community managers.

Digital Creativity and Social Media

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