ESG Communication

Society is increasingly demanding more transparency from companies about the effect their business activities have on people and the environment.

Public perception of companies is increasingly influenced by opinions and evaluations of a wide variety of social stakeholders. These include dealing with employees, fair labor, operational and business practices, as well as respect for the rule of law, international standards of conduct, and human rights. Unethical conduct spreads rapidly through online media and social networks, and damages carefully constructed relationship capital.

Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just communicative expectation management. Honest CSR means the voluntary willingness of companies to open up to social interests and make responsible contributions to sustainable development that go beyond legal requirements.

In line with the GRI G4 Guidelines and the Sustainable Developement Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations, we make sustainability and social responsibility a vital part of your corporate communication. Considering non-financial factors (Environmental, Social und Governance – ESG), we combine CSR communication with your Investor Relations, allowing you to inform your investors about strategies and activities for long-term, successful corporate development.

Digital Creativity and Social Media

We live digitally and create space for ideas with new methods.
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Dialogue and Participation

We identify conflicts of interest and develop suitable dialogue strategies.
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Change and Consequence

We explain changes in the age of ongoing change.
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Corporate Communications

We develop (digital) strategies, processes, solutions and content for internal and external communication.
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Stakeholder Relations and Public Affairs

We recognise critical issues and build relationships based on trust.

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Big Data Analytics and Consulting

We bring Big Data and AI into corporate communications.

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