Change and Consequence

Smart Change Management Communication prevents change processes – whether planned or unplanned – from turning into uncertainty or crisis.

Change is a fact of life. The correlated need for information can quickly lead to uncertainty if change is not put in perspective. Organizations need to approach this challenge strategically. Smart change management communication can avoid a change — whether planned or unplanned — from developing into a crisis. Should an adverse situation arise, be it accident, management mishap or production problem, crisis communication is particularly important to protect your hard-earned reputation from harm.

Whether changing internal processes, introducing new products and services, or adjusting the corporate strategy to the rapidly changing environment, WeichertMehner is your partner in developing and implementing consistent and strategic communication to internal and external audiences.

WeichertMehner is also your partner when acute crisis situations arise. We have developed a defined process structure, and combining it with our extensive knowledge of work methods, procedures and requirements of relevant stakeholders ranging from public media to executive and legislative authorities, we provide certainty in even the most turbulent times. WeichertMehner is your reliable contact partner with management and communication advisors with years of experience in challenging communication scenarios. Our work is rooted in detailed analysis based on defined characteristics. This is the foundation on which we build a holistic strategy that supports the communication goals of our clients.

Strategy and Consulting

We provide orientation and are sparring partners for decision-makers.
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Digital Creativity and Social Media

We live digitally and create space for ideas with new methods.
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Issues and Reputation

We position organizations and create a positive perception for their topics.
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Crises and Prevention

We analyze risks, manage crises and minimize their consequences.
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ESG Communication

We make corporate responsibility for society and investors visible.

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Dialogue and Participation

We identify conflicts of interest and develop suitable dialogue strategies.
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