Big Data Analytics and Consulting

The use of Big Data Analytics changes the strategic communication in companies, and the role of communicators.

On the one hand, the use of Big Data Analytics requires communication processes to be redesigned and controlled. On the other hand, communicators become partners to decision-makers when evaluating information and supporting managers in times of uncertainty and in critical business situations.

Application of analysis and reporting systems in corporate communication leads to transparency and strategic insights on topics and target groups. By using Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we multiply the benefits of such systems immensely. We collect, analyze and interpret large amounts of data so that companies can continuously improve their communication by taking data analyses into consideration. To reach our goal, we use a structured procedure model.

In addition, we develop our own Big Data Analytics applications with partners from university and non-university research. As a result, we gain an insightful and professional understanding of Big Data and technologies like machine-learning and AI, and we develop Best Practices that show the benefits corporate communication can derive from large amounts of data.

Issues and Reputation

We position organizations and create a positive perception for their topics.
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Strategy and Consulting

We provide orientation and are sparring partners for decision-makers.
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Corporate Communications

We develop (digital) strategies, processes, solutions and content for internal and external communication.
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Stakeholder Relations and Public Affairs

We recognise critical issues and build relationships based on trust.

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Dialogue and Participation

We identify conflicts of interest and develop suitable dialogue strategies.
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ESG Communication

We make corporate responsibility for society and investors visible.

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