Dialogue and Participation

People want to have a say. We design dialogue and participation formats to achieve acceptance for your projects.

In our dialogue-oriented and interactive-focused society, the need for the public’s participation is ever-increasing. More and more people want to have a say and participate in shaping their environment. Various groups of stakeholders use their voices to demand information and to have their say. Whether its for infrastructure projects, legislative amendments, or sociopolitical issues, to earn public acceptance for their projects many successful organizations are initiating and managing dialogue and participation processes under the keywords “Project Communication”.

At WeichertMehner, we give support by recognizing different interests at an early stage, designing suitable dialogue and participation processes, and, in their implementation, achieving good results. We collaborate to develop concepts and communication instruments for the successful realization of dialogue and participation procedures; and, we closely analyze stakeholders and interests, and master a wide variety of moderation practices and methods of goal-oriented negotiation. In addition to our strategic consulting; and upon request, we assume project communication and act as external project communicators.

Experience shows: A potential conflict of interest or an ignored stakeholder not recognized or taken seriously, in time, can delay the realization of a project and lead to a considerable increase in expenses. This can result in reactions damaging the reputation in public perception and, in the worst case scenario, end in escalation or project termination.

Digital Creativity and Social Media

We live digitally and create space for ideas with new methods.
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Crises and Prevention

We analyze risks, manage crises and minimize their consequences.
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Change and Consequence

We explain changes in the age of ongoing change.
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Corporate Communications

We develop (digital) strategies, processes, solutions and content for internal and external communication.
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Stakeholder Relations and Public Affairs

We recognise critical issues and build relationships based on trust.

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Strategy and Consulting

We provide orientation and are sparring partners for decision-makers.
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