Stakeholder Relations and Public Affairs

Stable and trusting relationships with stakeholders are essential for corporate success. We advise and support you in identifying, analyzing and relationship-building when interacting with relevant stakeholders and their concerns.

Purposeful and open communication continues to gain importance when building stakeholder relationships and delivering a high standard in public affairs. In our fast-changing world, today’s businesses must interact in systematic conversations with their most important stakeholders. The shaping of opinions in politics and society increasingly happens through direct exchanges of dialogue, a word that has become a popular keyword in modern communication. At WeichertMehner, we know that for your organization to reach its goals, you must know your stakeholders, their goals and communication style, and further, you need to engage in a constructive dialogue to sustain those goals.

Years of experience in stakeholder management and public affairs, proactive thinking and detailed knowledge of the decision-and administrative processes on state, federal and EU levels make WeichertMehner the ideal partner for identifying and analyzing relevant stakeholders in government and society. We support you with background information and custom-fit strategies to engage representatives in the grassroots and political spheres. We conduct outreach to business and non-profit groups, associations and foundations. Using big data technologies, we issue management and monitoring systems that enable us to pinpoint opinion and topic trends within minutes. We develop a corporate risk assessment based on societal, political, and economic changes, and we develop appropriate response strategies.

Well-designed and structured stakeholder management can serve as an organization’s early detection system for dynamic, complex and critical topics and can prevent reputation damage. Vigilant observation of the public and political space, combined with a stakeholder-oriented and shared communication can have a positive influence on the perceptions of corporations and organizations, and make a compelling contribution to their success.

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