What we do

We support decision-makers in companies, institutions and associations in the development and implementation of effective communication solutions to achieve defined goals.

Strategy and Consulting

We provide orientation and are sparring partners for decision-makers. Read more

Corporate Communications

We develop (digital) strategies, processes, solutions and content for internal and external communication. Read more

Issues and Reputation

We position organizations and create a positive perception for their topics. Read more

Dialogue and Participation

We identify conflicts of interest and develop suitable dialogue strategies. Read more

Crises and Prevention

We analyze risks, manage crises and minimize their consequences. Read more

Change and Consequence

We explain changes in the age of ongoing change. Read more

Stakeholder Relations and Public Affairs

We recognise critical issues and build relationships based on trust. Read more

Big Data Analytics and Consulting

We bring Big Data and AI into corporate communications. Read more

ESG Communication

We make corporate responsibility for society and investors visible. Read more

Digital Creativity and Social Media

We live digitally and create space for ideas with new methods. Read more